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Singing to the Heart - Soundtracks Travel
17 - 31 May 2020

An Epic Singing Journey into the Heart of Australia. 


Singing to the Heart - 2020 Choir Event

SINGING TO THE HEART WILL BE a deep cultural experience that travels not just to the centre of Australia, but to the heart of things; of nature, of people and of history.


In the tradition of Aboriginals who ‘sung up’ the country in order to give it meaning and story, we will sing as we travel under the musical directorship of the legendary choirmaster - Tony Backhouse. Travelling with us in Central Australia will be Pitjantjarra woman, Alison Hunt, a deeply respected Senior Desert Woman.

We will sing over the Flinders Ranges as the sun rises; over Lake Eyre as it sets; from the balcony of the famous old Marree Hotel to the assembled audience below; in the underground Serbian Church at Coober Pedy; to the remote Aboriginal Community of Indulkana; in ancient gorges in the MacDonnell Ranges and in classic Australian wool-sheds. .

We will sing around graves in remote cemeteries to honour the people buried there. As a finale, we will sing with the Hermannsburg Choir at the old Lutheran Precinct of Hermannsburg in a public concert advertised across Central Australia. Then to sing the sun down over Uluru[Ayers Rock].


Singing to the Heart will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience where emotion, history and landscape will seep into the very core of your being.


This will be a Backhouse & the Backroaders gig of epic proportions, an incredible journey into a parallel universe

Only $6,500 per person.

Non refundable deposit of $1500
secures your position.

Single supplement $2000*

Not Payable until balance due

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