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on Expressions of Interest.

Twin share accomodation.

Single Room Supplement available.

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Balance payable 3 months before departure.


By appointment 


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SINGING THE BEATLES ACROSS INDIA is a musical and travel experience of epic proportions. 


In the spirit of Lennon’s IMAGINE, we imagine that the Beatles stayed in India after Rishikesh and travelled the subcontinent. We ask where would they have travelled? What songs would they have sung? 


Imagine singing ‘Here comes the Sun’ as we float down the Ganges at sunrise. Or singing ‘My Sweet Lord’ in an 800 year old Jain Temple? Imagine, jamming with Rajasthani folk musicians to 'Come Together'


Besides the sheer fun and boundless joy it is a homage to the incredible works of the Beatles. It is a nostalgic pilgrimage to Rishikesh {where the Beatles studied meditation under the Maharishi}. It is an examination of the psychedelic inspiration that India provided for the sixties hippy and peace movement .


Under the esteemed directorship of our Indian music director Anubrato Ghatak, we travel to some of India’s most fabled places - Jaisalmer, Varanasi and Risikesh - and in each place we create our own soundtrack to our journey. 


This might just be the coolest, the most joyous, the wildest music and travel event ever envisaged.


Don't imagine - COME!

is coming to take you away


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