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Singing India

with Sue Johnson


SINGING INDIA with Sue Johnson approaches India in an entirely different way, through its people and through the lens of sharing song and culture. 

In conjunction with local musicians, we will develope a repertoire of songs over a 5 day period in magical Rajasthan, then hit the backroads of Goa and the famous Rishikesh on the Ganga, sharing music with different communities.

We will sing in schools, with Indian choirs, in churches and sacred places, in villages and in private homes. The process is to use performance as a connective tissue into Indian community and  tradition.

This is a bold undertaking but at its heart is the knowlege that Indian people respect culture, and appreciate the generous sharing of it. They appreciate 'celebration' as well, and that's what we aim to do - to celebrate the meeting of different cultures.

Sue Johnson will be a perfect foil for this interaction as we deliver songs from our Western tradition and learn songs from the Indian tradition. Whether you have been to India or not, this will be a remarkable way to access its mysteries, through the powerful process of making and sharing music.

Sue will be joined on SINGING INDIA by Santiago Lusardi Girelli, a fascinating choir director and composer who specialises in the fusion between Eastern and Western music traditions. To see a complete description of Santiago and his work you might visit the link below which outlines his fascinating program - SINGING WITH THE MYSTICS. 

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Reservation details coming soon

Singing Into The Mystic
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