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The Choir of Lost Voices

April - 2022 

The Western Front

A poignant choral journey onto the battlefields, war memorials, villages and pubs of the soldiers of the Great War.

The choir will sing for all : the women and children, civilians  and the young men from both sides. 

Under the guidance of an international choir director the pathos of the moment will be expressed as a tribute to all those souls, a Choir of Lost Voices.


In conjunction with Australia's leading Battlefield Tour company, the CHOIR OF LOST VOICES will embark upon a profoundly moving musical journey that explores the songs and music of the GREAT WAR.  

After 5 days in Paris learning a collection of songs we will embark on the tour through France and Belgium, sharing the music with local communities as we travel. We will sing in the spirit of love, respect and remembrance.


The songs will be sung to the memory of both the dead and the survivors, in the places where the music kept the 'home fires burning': on leave in remote French pubs; as they approached the battlefields; on the boats as they sailed across the Channel, from the Menin Gates as they marched to battle. 


In the war cemeteries we will sing the hymns written to the fallen. Over battlefields we will recall those poems that describe the madness and carnage of the Great War. 

As music was a salve to the young men thrust into a global encounter beyond their understanding or control, it can become a portal for us to better inhabit that age, with all its drama and tragedy, hopes and loss. Singing songs, as it was for the soldiers, becomes a way of processing the emotions of such a dramatic and personal experience and of paying homage to a generation of lost voices.

Reservation details coming soon

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